A Bird’s Eye View of Ospreys

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A bird’s eye view of ospreys  Tiny black, reptilian-looking creatures anxiously wait while their mother tears apart a fish for their dinner. She then delicately places small bits into the mouths of the newly hatched ospreys. It’s just one of the marvels to watch on the OspreyCam inside the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

Walking Wing Island

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Walking Wing Island The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is far more than a museum. Among its treasures is the lower-level aquarium. A recent survey of visitors there chose the aquarium as their favorite feature of Cape Cod’s Nature Place.

You too can climb Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown

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You too can climb Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown Those who climb to the top of the 252-foot-tall Pilgrim Monument are rewarded with a newly-enhanced panoramic, 360-degree view across the tip of Cape Cod. The trip also can symbolize the achievement of the Pilgrims, who arrived in Provincetown Harbor in 1620 after an arduous journey aboard the Mayflower.

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