Why Join The Cape Cod Museum Trail?

Building Awareness

Cape Cod Museum Trail strives to bring awareness and promote the important role that museums play. This includes a digital marketing mix, special promotions, programs and events such as the previous Museum Mondays in May, Monday at the Museum Podcast and previously the Cape Cod Museum Trail Festival. We focus on building collaboration and working jointly with museums especially in an intellectual endeavor to achieve a defined and common purpose and we drive collaborative efforts to the forefront. The more people collaborate, the more momentous the working relationships become and greater the success too.

Our Newsletter

The Cape Cod Museum Trail publishes a newsletter twice a month. The newsletter currently reaches nearly 8,000 email addresses. The newsletter includes a complete list of monthly events, each connected to the museum event at the Cape Cod Museum Trail website, as well as at the museum’s own website. This calendar mirrors the events schedule at the Cape Cod Museum Trail website.

Social Media

The Cape Cod Museum Trail has a very active Facebook and Instagram presence. Most content found on the website is also featured on Facebook and Instagram, including the monthly calendar. CCMT will also run periodic social media contests to increase engagement. Boosted posts and paid ads will also be implemented to increase followers.

Meetings and Communication

The member museums meet at least bi-annually, usually more often. These meetings are hosted by one of the museum members. Currently these meetings have become virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings are designed for sharing the latest news and formation, seeking your ideas and recommendations; and discussing opportunities among ourselves. Subcommittees are now forming around priorities established by member museums. Email communications from CCMT staff will be sent out often with updates, news, and analytics from the website, email and social media.


Our website now consists of over 75 museums! Features of the website include:

– Exhibits and Event Calendar

Museum events and exhibits are continuously updated with the ability to view the calendar by day, month, year or topic. The event calendar also consists of the following:

  • Map and directions
  • Pricing
  • Detailed description
  • Link to museum website
  • Photos
  • Link to museum contact information including email address and phone numbers

– Stories

This part of the site is an opportunity to provide unique information about your museum, whether it is an upcoming featured event or some historical information that you would like to share about your museum. This information would be directly provided by you and can be assigned for coverage by the Museum Trail staff.

– Museum Mini-Sites

Each Museum has its own individual page within the website that includes:

  • Museum description
  • Directions
  • Contact information
  • Direct link to museum website
  • Ability for viewers to comment
  • Minimum of six photos; no maximum for future photo gallery

There are two different categories of The Cape Cod Museum Trail membership:

Museums & Historical Societies – members enjoy a wide range of benefits specifically designed to meet the needs of museums and historical societies. For full details email Mary Taylor at info@capecodmuseumtrail.com.

Friends of The Cape Cod Museum Trail – Join the Cape Cod Museum Trail as our friend and get many of the same benefits as our museum members. Friends of Cape Cod Museum Trail Members are Cape Cod nonprofit organizations that have similar goals of supporting the cultural life of Cape Cod. They may not be specific definition of a “museum” but they are our friends and we want to support your missions. For full details email Mary Taylor at info@capecodmuseumtrail.com