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Harwich’s Cranberry Culture

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Harwich’s Cranberry Culture The name Cranberry is said to derive from “Crane Berry,” a reference that explains the name as coming from the resemblance between the flower of the Cranberry and the head of the Crane, a bird once commonly found on Cranberry Bogs.

Go back in time to the Aptucxet Trading Post

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An archeological wonder in Bourne Aptucxet Trading Post may have the earliest remains of a Pilgrim building. The known facts present a fascinating story, not only of an antique building but also of Bourne’s participation in 17th-century events.

A Bird’s Eye View of Ospreys

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A bird’s eye view of ospreys  Tiny black, reptilian-looking creatures anxiously wait while their mother tears apart a fish for their dinner. She then delicately places small bits into the mouths of the newly hatched ospreys. It’s just one of the marvels to watch on the OspreyCam inside the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

How Cape Cod made communications history

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How Cape Cod made communications history Today we picture Cape Cod as a haven for fishing, shell fishing, vacationing, and as a world center for the arts.  But in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Cape Cod was also a center for communication technology with some of the leading edge scientific work showing its fruits here.

Investigating how the Benjamin Nye Homestead was built

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Investigating how the Benjamin Nye Homestead was built  One of the most important and interesting questions about an old house museum is, “How was it originally constructed and what changes were made over the years?”  Old photographs help, but these are rare and can’t account for work done in pre-photographic times.    

Share Edward Gorey’s life on Strawberry Lane

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Share Edward Gorey's life on Strawberry Lane Author, illustrator, playwright, set designer and costume designer, Gorey’s passion, distinct personality and prolific range is vividly brought to life, room by room. You can even visit his kitchen along the way.

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