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Four Wednesdays, beginning October 7 from 10-11:30am
Class Fee:  $90.00 Non-Member/$80.00 Member
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This class meets online on Zoom beginning at 10am on Wednesday, October 7.  Your class confirmation email will contain the Zoom class link.

Whether you’re a T. Swift prolific songwriter or simply want to write your song, you’ll develop your skills as you explore the basic principles of songwriting in various genres, deconstruct favorite songs to see what makes them great, outline (and play) popular song chord progressions, respond to creative writing prompts, and focus on structure, chords, and improvisation. This class will provide a safe space in which to hone your skills, share your work, and jam! All levels welcome.

-Piano keyboard or guitar if you play, but it is fine if you come without instruments
-Notebook for songwriting – not necessary to have music-lined staff paper unless you already write music
-Pencil and pen
-Water to stay hydrated
-Recording device for your final class