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Wampum: Stories from the Shells of Native America is focused on cultural preservation and features a one-thousand bead wampum belt made in the style and traditions of the Wampanoag people. This exhibition unites contemporary indigenous artists and educators in retelling history from the indigenous perspective and through a powerful piece of traditional art. Wampum belts are a tapestry of art and tribal history, and each belt tells a story through its unique design. Made from the purple and white shells of the whelk and quahog, wampum beads embody the Wampanoag connection to the sea and to life itself. Each shell bead is imbued with memory and meaning by the maker.

The Wampanoag people have lived in northeastern America for over 12,000 years. Their nation extended beyond Boston, into central Massachusetts, and south to Rhode Island. Organized by SmokeSygnals based in Mashpee, Cape Cod.

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