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Whales have long been a profound mystery to us humans. They live in a world that is so removed from our own that we can barely imagine their lives. Their environment is different, their senses are different, their relationships are different. How do these creatures see the world? This stunning documentary shows us how whales take risks, have families, prove their intelligence and wit by outsmarting us, how they show love, and a sense of play like surfing and playing ball!

From an orca whale curiously inspecting a manta ray, to a pod of humpbacks singing for hours, Whale Wisdom spans the globe to follow and befriend different species of whales. Narrated by nature series maestro, David Attenborough, this documentary follows marine biologist Rick Rosenthal, who swims among orcas, steps over elephant seals, and dodges hunting humpbacks to understand more about whales the world over.

FREE w/Admission