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Life Rings: A Special Movie Event

Tuesday, February 6th at 4pm

This is a joint event with the Falmouth Historical Society and Protect our Past. Why Protect Our Past produced the film “Life Rings:” It’s an eco-preservation wake-up call!

The “life” giving rings visible in the cross section of a tree disclose its age and reveal its durability.  Trees originally used to build houses on Cape Cod had very tight rings, thanks to their slow rate of growth.  Consequently, wood from these trees is far more resistant to moisture and insect damage. This resilience of old growth wood continues to stand the test of time leaving many houses on Cape Cod built 200+ years ago still in functional condition.  Today’s new fast growth wood does not. Their rings are much wider apart making this material subject to rot and insect damage.  This reality is putting new builds at risk, making their useful life as short as 25 years or less.  With the trend toward demolition and new builds continuing, what will the Cape look like in 30 plus years?

And there’s more… watch and see why restoration is the greener path. Recycle, Reuse and Retrofit!

$20 Non-Members/Members Free

In honor of Valentine’s Day we will have a curated selection of beverages and chocolate.

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