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Forest Bathing: Deepening Our Relationship with Nature with Field Guide Carol Marcy
Rain cancels the walk.
Admission: $6 per person age 15 and up

Please call 508-896-3867, ext. 133

The concept of forest bathing grew out of a practice in Japan called Shinrin-yoku that spread to China and Korea and now to the United States.  It is about swimming in the living being of the forest: drinking in the smells, feeling the breeze on your skin, hearing it move through the trees, soaking up the warm healing rays of the sun and touching the earth with awareness.

You now have a very special opportunity to deepen your relationship with nature because of the unique environment provided by marsh, creek, forest, dunes and beach. Join Field Guide Carol Marcy on a guided walk where you will be shown how to pay attention in a new way that will create a sense of greater health, well-being and appreciation of the beauty in you and around you.

Carol Marcy has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy.  Her awareness training began with Elaine Summers back in the 60s when she was involved as a dancer and choreographer in the avant-garde movement in modern dance in New York City.  As a psychologist, she worked from a holistic model and led retreats that explored our deep connection with Nature.

For over 20 years she participated in the Wednesday morning seminar at the Center for Consciousness Studies in Washington, D.C. under the direction of Rudy Bauer, Ph.D.   The focus of the seminar was on the interface between Phenomenology and Dzogchen Buddhism.  It was there that she earned a teaching certificate in meditation.

Carol is a long-time student of the Native American way of being in the world and extends immense gratitude to her many Native teachers: Sings Alone, Cherokee, head of the Wild Potato Band and Sweat Lodge Community, Eli Gatoga and Grandmother Alloday of the Cherokee Good Medicine Society, White Horse Woman, a Cherokee Medicine Woman, and Clyde Hall, Shoshone/Metis and the elders of the Naraya dance community.

Retiring to Cape Cod in December of 2017, she teaches classes in meditation, offers retreats, volunteers with APCC, is a docent in the Butterfly House and has recently completed the Field Guide training course at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.  She has written two books:  Living Life as a Prayer and Creating Peace Inside and Out through Heart-Centered Living (some of which is available onwww.heartcenteredpeace.com).  For more information, go to www.drcarolmarcy.com.