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From the wilds of nature, classic tales, popular tunes, and computer-generated creations, Heroes and Villains abound!

Heroes and villains come in many different forms: From comic book characters to a favorite teacher to Mother Nature, heroes can inspire us to be better and do better. Likewise, villains from Darth Vader to world dictators to ocean polluters, show us what we can become when we give in to our darker selves.

We’d like you to show our young audience your interpretation of heroes and villains through your artwork.

Interactive Fun for Kids
Keeping younger arts patrons in mind, artwork for the show will be displayed at a height of 4 feet throughout the exhibit – right at children’s eye level and some of the artists themselves will drop in to discuss their works with the students as they tour the exhibit. The visit to Heroes and Villains is accompanied by a hands-on workshop in the Art Studio, where students will create their own piece inspired by the exhibition.