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Lee Roscoe will give a presentation followed by Q & A on her new book Wampanoag Art for the Ages, Traditional and Transitional. This is the first and only book of its kind and was vetted by tribal elders. The book looks at lifeway through the arts of this Algonquian Cape Cod tribe which greeted the first colonists. It starts in the wetu and goes on to look at pottery, wampum, clothing, adornment, matting, twining, finger weaving, painting and more with some of the foremost Wampanoag creators including: Annawon Weeden, Ramona Peters (Nosapocket), Elizabeth and Jonathan James-Perry, Julia Marden, Robert Peters, Emma Jo Mills Brennan, and Mother Bear.

Her talk will be accompanied by a pop up sale of a few Wampanoag artists’ works, such as Elizabath James Perry wampum jewelry and Annawon Weeden carvings, and a surprise painter.

Tickets: Member $10 / Non-Member $12
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