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The War to End all Wars remade the world’s map and created new global powers. It also brought destruction and carnage no one had ever seen before.  The apocalyptic-like world of 1918 was nothing like the world of 1914. Four years of machine guns, poison gas and mortar shells wrought a new reign of suffering and terror. Millions were injured. Millions more were killed. By war’s end, its horrors had crept into the world’s collective psyche and changed everything. Including the arts. Major horror films, like J ’accuse (1919), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), and Nosferatu (1922) all appeared within a few years after the war. Almost all were produced, directed and written by veterans who had seen the worst firsthand. The same darkness also crept into literature and other artistic references. In this fascinating book, the historian and Bram Stoker Award nominee looks at how the horror genre slowly evolved and took shape because of the fears of a generation ruined by war.


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