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The Early Years in Congress, 1844-1850
They called him the Little Giant.  But Illinois’ Stephen A. Douglas packed a lot of power and persuasion into his five-foot-four-inch frame. He was a U.S. senator, leader of the Democratic Party, and one of two Democratic Party nominees for president in the 1860 election. The debates he held with Abraham Lincoln are some of the most famous in American history.  Well, we all know how that election turned out.  But Douglas never belonged where the history books put him: in Lincoln’s shadow. Douglas was among the very men and women who influenced Lincoln. And, in the second of his three-volume biography about Douglas, Reg Ankrom reveals several surprises he learned through his research  that  elevate Douglas’s importance as the 19th century politician who built the western half of a republic Lincoln fought a Civil War to keep.

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