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Deepening Our Relationship with Nature
A Virtual Experience with Field Guide Carol Marcy

The concept of forest bathing grew out of a practice in Japan called Shinrin-yoku that spread to China and Korea and now to the United States. It is about swimming in the living being of the forest: drinking in the smells, feeling the breeze on your skin, hearing it move through the trees, soaking up the warm and healing rays of the sun and touching the earth with awareness. The walk becomes a meditation through which you can experience your deep interconnectedness with Nature and the forest.

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History gives you a very special opportunity to deepen your relationship with nature because of the unique environment provided by marsh, creek, forest, dunes, and beach. Join Field Guide, Carol Marcy, on a virtual guided walk where you will be shown how to pay attention in a new way that will create a sense of greater health, well-being, and appreciation of the beauty in you and around you. Following the screening, Carol will answer any questions you may have, then, you can take a self-guided walk on the Wing Island Trail or the Lee Baldwin Trail and practice what you have just learned!

Program fee: $5*
*Program fee is in addition to your Museum Admission or Membership Card & ID

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED/Social Distancing space very limited.
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