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This year, the Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum celebrates the final of three consecutive centennials historically important to both Cape Cod and America.  On December 1, 1919 the Chatham wireless station was one of only five properties that constituted the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) on its first day of business.  RCA went on to become a pillar of 20th Century American industry.  On May 17, 1920 RCA inaugurated service at its new Chatham station WSO, finally realizing Guglielmo Marconi’s dream of sustainable trans-Atlantic communication.   And on April 18, 1921, RCA’s Chatham station was converted from trans-Atlantic service to maritime ship-to-shore operations.  Established under “RCA Special Order 138”, newly commissioned radio station WCC went on to become the largest US coastal station in the marine service.  Our speaker will share his knowledge of this pivotal era in the history of communication that put Chatham at the forefront as “The World’s Greatest Coastal Station”, and is featured in a new exhibit Chatham Maritime Radio – 1921.

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