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Find out more about Native American life from Marcus Hendricks, a member of the Nipmuc-Wampanoag community.

Wampum: learn what wampum meant to the Native Americans on Cape Cod. How was it made? How was it used? Children will learn about the significance of designs and be able to make their own simple wampum bracelet to keep.

The craft activity will take place at the reconstructed Too’noopah’s (Turtle) wetu. Discover how this traditional building was constructed and used in the daily lives of the indigenous peoples on Cape Cod.

The morning will culminate in a guided, one-mile trail walk for children and caregivers to discuss Native American life before, during and after the arrival of English Colonists to Cape Cod. Learn how the Wampanoag respected nature and what the forests and ponds of the area meant to them.

Class Fee: $15.00 (Youth), Caregiver ($0.00)
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