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On Thursdays, Marcus Hendricks, a member of the Nipmuc-Wampanoag community and HSOY volunteers will explain how indigenous peoples felt a connection between all living things. Children will explore how hunting and fishing provided Native families with food and clothing.

Participants can handle artifacts such as arrow heads and spear points, animal skins and furs while discovering more about the culture of the Native People.

Music played an important part in the lives of the Wampanoag people: they shared stories that way from one generation to the next. Listen to tribal music while learning how music and history are tightly interwoven in Native American culture.

Storytelling: how is a turtle shell like a clock? Discover how the Wampanoag told time and other exciting aspects of their lives here on Cape Cod.

Class Fee: Youth ($15.00), Caregiver ($0.00)
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