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On the eve of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower reaching Cape Cod, explore the music its passengers might have known! Dan Meyers and Karen Burciaga of early music ensemble Seven TImes Salt will give an online lecture-demo following the passengers from their homes in turbulent 1590s England, to religious refuge in the Netherlands, and onward to the unfamiliar shores of New England in 1620. The Plimoth colonists, or “Pilgrims” as they were later called, were a diverse group of Separatists and Anglicans, religious zealots and irreverent opportunists from many walks of life, and they brought with them experiences of music as varied as their reasons for coming to the New World. We’ll discuss and listen to music of the Elizabethan tavern and theater, songs by Thomas Ravenscroft, Dutch tunes, the Ainsworth Psalter, dances from Playford’s English Dancing Master, and more. You’ll hear music samples from the group’s CD “Pilgrims’ Progress,” recorded in the 1717 Meetinghouse in West Barnstable.

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