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Four Thursdays, beginning September 17 from 10-11am
Class Fee: $55.00  –  ONLINE-Non-Member
$55.00  –  IN PERSON-Non Member
$50.00  –  ONLINE-Member
$50.00  –  IN PERSON-Member
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This is a simple to learn Tai Chi practice made up of four moves, or “forms” as they are called, proven to reduce stress and boost immunity when practiced regularly. The practice may be done seated if necessary or with a chair nearby to rest a hand upon. Both will be demonstrated during the lessons. We will learn the four forms in both the left and right directions along with proper “Dantian” (energy center) breathing. The four forms are from three different styles of Tai Chi named Chen, Yang and Sun. The class is called a “sampler” for this reason. Students need no special equipment, very little space and should wear comfortable clothing. Tai Chi is done very slowly and is very safe. Please check with your physician before starting this class if you have any concerns about your ability to participate.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Very thin, flexible soled shoes are best or socks with non-slip bottoms should be worn. If you have any concerns, please check with your Doctor before participating.