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Six Fridays, beginning September 11 from 2-4pm
Class Fee: $150.00 Non-Member/$125.00 Member
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Find out why acrylic is one of the hottest trends in making art. Become familiar with the techniques to best use this exciting medium. Learn to use stronger values, better composition, and more dynamic color to give work strength, depth, and interest. Beginners to intermediates will learn to use this expressive medium to bring light and life to their paintings and a sense of self to their work. Our on line acrylic class will start off with a quick critique of any work that students need help with or a discussion of how to approach and begin work on a new project, so please be prepared for that. We will then work in a typical classroom fashion with each student getting individual attention as they work.

Odin’s Palette colors: (it may be hard to get these exact colors for a while, so please make due with colors that are close if you can’t find these.)
Acrylic paint colors:

Burnt Sienna
Ultra marine Blue
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Green
(Quinacridone Magenta is a nice extra!)