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“I wrote these songs during a rugged road of a time. They have some common threads; the desire, the journey, the effort to get to a place that feels like home. And, the memories of people and experiences collected along the way. I chose the title PATHS because I feel it’s a personal way of describing one’s journey. A path is made just by footsteps that leave their prints on the ground as they’re moving on. I met Brad Jones in NYC about 20 years ago, having been connected by our mutual publisher. Soon after, he invited me down to Nashville to record a song or two at his new studio, Alex the Great, to see if we liked working together. He called in a couple friends to join us; Micky Grimm on drums and Pat Sansone on keys, guitars and backup vocals. Brad played bass, the chemistry was magical, and two songs turned into my 12-song record, BIRDS (Parasol Records USA , Ulftone Records, EUR).

Since BIRDS, I’ve made 10 more albums, left well-loved NYC and lived 10+ years in Austin, TX, traveled around the world, played with many fine musicians, gotten older, acquired some knowledge and perspective, lost some loved ones and continued my seeking. This Spring, when I sent Brad my new song demos, he replied with great enthusiasm and excitement to record them together. We talked back and forth about production and arrangement ideas, discussed instrumentation, and finally, booked 4 days at Alex the Great.

Tickets: $15-$18.
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