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Exhibition Curator Michael Giaquinto’s statement:

“This exhibition was designed with four artists in mind who have created, in a comfortable manner, signature pieces that reflect their lives as artists. “Interpret Their World” presents these works of art with a common thread of their longevity and their talent to live a life of art.”

About the artists:
Varujan Boghosian: The narrative quality of Boghosian’s work is created by bringing together as many and as few objects together to tell a story.  He uses objects of unusual beginnings: old, used, weathered and passing of time; along with possessions of people passed. He brings them together to create a sense of time present and time past.

Carmen Cicero: Carmen is a contemporary artist who continues to move forward with his images of colorful figures, surreal surroundings, with its content bordering on playfulness.  We see strong painted images with confident brush strokes and narratives that captures our interests; we cannot look away.

Elspeth Halvorsen: An artist who has been active in the Provincetown art colony for many years, Elspeth’s work draws from what she sees around her in Provincetown.  She creates environments that are mysterious, keeping the viewer’s attention while allowing them to interrupt her imagination.

Paul Resika: A representational painter, who embraces bold bright colors and simple objects and puts them in and on a flat surface. Paul uses his memory to evoke a basic shape or a strong color that presents a scene of images here on the Cape, that inspires him.