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How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled our Way To Civilization

Now here’s a book worth toasting: Drunk.  Join us for an afternoon at Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth for an entertaining and enlightening deep dive into humanity’s oldest indulgence: drinking. While plenty of books have been written about the history of alcohol and other intoxicants, none have offered a comprehensive, convincing answer to one basic question:  Why do humans want to get high in the first place.? What’s more, author Edward Slingerland claims we simply would not have civilization without intoxication. Enjoy a glass of wine (and live music after the talk) as your host serves up fascinating case studies and engaging science—everything from marauding Vikings and bacchanalian orgies to sex-starved fruit flies, blind cave fish, and problem-solving crows. He’ll not only explain why we want to get drunk, but also why it might actually be good for us to tie one on now and then.

Tickets: $5 General Admission
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