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A DOCUMENTARY – Borderland: The Life & Times of Blanche Ames

Blanche Ames (1878-1969) was a woman of privilege. She came from a long line of strong women and powerful men, served as President of her class at Smith College, married a man named Oakes Ames and raised four children at their home called Borderland, now a Massachusetts state park in North Easton, Massachusetts.  You won’t find her name in most history books. But Blanche did not live quietly.  She became a leader of the women’s suffrage movement in Massachusetts. She and her husband wrote, rallied and organized for women’s rights. Blanche also used her talents as an artist to create pro-suffrage political cartoons that both inspired and enraged. President Taft responded personally to one of them.  She was not afraid to shock polite society or take on the elite, the Catholic Church and even her in-laws while advocating for women’s rights.  Later, she turned her attention to reproductive rights and became the first president of the Birth Control League of Massachusetts in 1916. This 55-minute documentary chronicles the life of a woman who was born in the 19th century and worked to change the 20th century. Her wisdom still resonates today.

Free for All
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