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Two Wednesdays, beginning April 1 from 2-4:30pm
Fee: $60.00 Non-member/ $50.00 Member

Join this two- class session for a unique opportunity to celebrate April Fool’s day by painting from the masters of art history! 

Have you ever looked at an old master painting and envisioned it in a more contemporary setting?  Do you think it would be a fun challenge to replicate that image?  Maybe alter the color palette or merge multiple paintings.
Class will begin with ways to jumpstart creative options. Once a master painting is chosen we will work on how to scale the art image proportions, ways to merge your vision with the original master’s work. This class is not intended as a lesson in forgery but who knows what will happen! Come have fun and see if you can fool the viewer with your copy or your reinvented masterpiece!
Selection of images of master artist paintings will be available in class but feel free to bring your favorite.

Supplies required: sketchbook, pencils, ruler, tracing paper, black thin tip marker, Pastel supplies, foam core for backing board. Apron or old shirt