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DaysWednesdays (6 classes). Class begins January 8th, 2020
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Cost: $135 Members | $150 Non-Members

You have the basic skills, you can paint what something “looks” like with relative ease, but now it’s time to expand your artistic vocabulary and that comes through experimentation. We often fall into patterns of working and develop limiting beliefs of what painting is “supposed to be”. I will challenge  those beliefs and ask you questions to help you figure out that direction your work wants to go in. All mediums are welcome and there is also a press so print-making techniques can be explored and incorporated.

  • Bring 5 paintings to the first class that you feel are consistent with your work: 2 of these should be pieces that you feel have problems but have potential that you would like to explore further.
  • Additional materials will be discussed during the first class but will include the following: sheets of gessoed paper or canvas NOT stretched to a specific size. Gessoed paper or canvas can be taped to a board to work on. It is important that the shape is not predetermined so that we can experiment more freely with composition.
  • Bring painting/drawing supplies, oil, acrylic, pastels. Those using oils should bring liquin or a similar glazing medium a transparent burnt umber and raw sienna for glazing- Acrylic artists should bring gloss medium varnish, a gel medium and an optional matt medium varnish. Pastelists should consider working in mixed media with acrylic/oil or watercolor.