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Brian Beneduce had just gotten married and was boarding the plane for his honeymoon trip. Although his bride, Robbie, knew he had a fear of flying, she had no idea what was going through his mind as the plane rumbled down the runway and lifted into the sky. The Thing—the three-headed beast inside him—began to take over, leading him to pray the plane would fall out of the sky and crash so he could finally relieve himself of his fear. Throughout history, great minds like poet Emily Dickinson, billionaire Howard Hughes, artist Edvard Munch and novelist Marcel Proust have battled the debilitating effects of anxiety and panic disorder related to agoraphobia.  In this compelling new release, Brian Beneduce candidly shares his roller coaster search for help and relief and the coping mechanisms he eventually learned to keep his severe anxiety at bay and become a successful businessman.  Admission: $10.00.

With a forward by Casey Sherman, NY Times bestselling author of “The Finest Hours”